Accommodation at the dormitory
The Bolshoi Ballet Academy provides accommodation for international students accepted into programs of intermediate professional education (full-time educational programs and traineeship programs) for the entire period of their studies, under conditions equal to the ones offered to others residing at the dormitory.
The Dormitory located on the 3d floor of the Academy building is equipped with a TV, fridge, piano, furniture, cooking, and laundry facilities; bed linens are provided as well. Twin and triple rooms are available.

Medical Care
The Bolshoi Ballet Academy provides the students with urgent (emergency) medical aid at the walk-in medical clinic located on its premises within the framework of its term of reference, as per its legal status as established by the laws of the Russian federation.
Availability of a medical insurance policy is a mandatory condition for enrollment with the Academy.
The information, specifying the name and Moscow telephone number of the insurance company that issued the insurance policy, or the insurance company representing in Russia a foreign insurance company that issued the insurance policy is required.

Transportation to and from the Academy upon arrival to Moscow / departure from the Academy is the responsibility of the students or their parents or legal guardians.
Arrangements for transportation of students enrolled with the Academy, members of their families, their legal guardians and other accompanying persons are considered to be a part of the said responsibility.

Parents/guardians and relatives of the students are welcome to talk to the teachers and staff during the school year.
Please contact to make arrangements prior to your visit.

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