The method of teaching and training is based upon a thorough, comprehensive, classical training curriculum that is carefully tailored to fit the students` abilities.
The Academy curriculum includes Ballet Technique, Point Work, Repertoire, Pas De Deux, Modern Choreography, Character Dance, Historical Dance as well as general education / professional orientation classes.
The Bolshoi Ballet Academy takes pride in its faculty staff with international teaching and performing experience.
Classes are carefully graded both by age and by technical level, and each student receives personal attention and guidance required for his / her progress.

The professional training program comprises 2 semesters: fall and spring. The Academy vacations may vary depending on the performance schedule, but the basic vacation includes 7 days in late October / early November (grades 1-5), 2 weeks in early January (all students), 7 days in late March / early April and the summer vacation through August (all students).
The vacation schedule is set anew each year.

The Bolshoi Ballet Academy operates in Russian. Securing an adequate grade in Russian means the intermediate level of language proficiency required, according to the Federal standards, by the students in their everyday lives, cultural, educational and professional areas of communication.

Formal evaluations are conducted twice a year to update the students and their parents on the progress as well as areas of concern.

Tuition fee must be transferred to the AcademyТs account twice a year: 50% of the fee amount before the start of the fall semester studies and the remainder before January 15th of the next year. The tuition fee covers classes, accommodation at the dormitory and 4 daily meals.

Upon enrollment all students will be required to submit bank funds transfer orders confirming payments of the tuition fees.



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