Students are admitted to the Bolshoi Ballet Academy through an audition process which takes place during the entire year.

The audition is a ballet class comprising bar, centre work, basic adagio, allegro, point work and variation, if any.
Х International students unable to attend an audition in person may submit a DVD (no longer than 15-20 minutes) showing their class work (bar, center work, adagio, allegro, point work and repertoire, if any) along with proper documentation confirming their previous training experience and background information.
Please, be sure to include the following exercises into your video:
For students 10-14 years old:

  1. Demi-plies+Grands plies
  2. Battements tendus
  3. Battements fondus

Center work:

  1. Temps lie par terre
  2. Battements tendus


  1. Pas echappe + Changement de pied
  2. Pas assemble
  3. Pas jete

Point work:

  1. Releve+Pas echappe
  2. Pas-coupe-ballonne
  3. Pas couru

For students 14-18+ years old:


  1. Grand plies
  2. Battements tendus+jete
  3. Rond de jambe par terre+en lТair
  4. Grands battements jetes

Center work:

  1. Temps lie on 90dg with tire-bouchon
  2. Battemets tendus+Pirouettes
  3. Grands battements jetes+Grands pirouettes


  1. Pas eshappe battu+ pas assemble battu
  2. Sissonne ouverte
  3. Grand pas assemble + Grand pas jete

Point work:

  1. Pas echappe en tournant
  2. 2 pirouettes en dehor& en dedans
  3. Grand fouette en face
  4. Pirouettes en dehors & en dedans (diagonals)

Along with the DVD, every applicant has to submit an Application Form.

Training Contract
International students (represented by their parents or legal guardians) admitted to the Bolshoi Ballet Academy have to sign a Contract to enroll with the Academy for the fee-based training programs and submit the following:
Confirmation of general education listing subjects studied and the respective grades
Confirmation of choreographic studies
Medical certificates with tests results (including HIV, B / C hepatitis, X-ray shots, RV). For details refer to the corresponding Attachment to the Training Contract.
Medical insurance policy purchased in home countries and valid in Moscow (Russia).
Upon arrival at the Academy:
— Passport with a valid visa and the Migration Card issued at the border point.
— 10 black- and – white photos, 3x4cm, matte finish
— Fee for a multiple entry visa (RUR 1000) and for registration with the Federal Migration Service (RUR 200). The fee for extension of a student visa is RUR 600.

Each of the above documents should have a notarized Russian translation attached.
The details about arrival / departure of an applicant shall be required as well.

Invitation Procedure
To have a Letter of Invitation issued, please send (by mail or e-mail) the below documents:
The Application Form
A copy of the first two pages of your national passport which has to remain valid for at least 1.5 years upon your estimated arrival in Russia.

The Russian visas are applied for at the Consulates of the Russian Federation in countries of residence of newly-admitted students.



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