Performance repertoire is an integral part of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy curriculum. Learning and rehearsing the internationally famous repertoire and contemporary pieces helps the students to participate in one of the important educational activities – annual overseas performance tours.
Students perform
— The Nutcracker – 2-act ballet or 1-act suite; music by P.Chaikovskiy, choreography by V.Vainonen.
— Grand Pas Classique from Paquita – choreography by Petipa / Minkus
— La Fille Mal Gardee – 2-acts ballet or 1-act suite; music by L. Hertel, choreography by Y. Grigorovich
— Divertissements (classical variations, Pas de Deux, character dances)
— Contemporary pieces
Performance venues to date: Athens (Greece) – 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009
Thessaloniki (Greece) – 2004
Los Angeles (USA) – 2006
Washington DC (USA) – 2008
Barcelona (Spain) – 2009

Dance Events
Students have regular opportunities to participate in the Academy concerts held 2 – 4 times a year at the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia and take part in the Bolshoi Theatre performances according to the Academy curriculum. Such performances are a significant part of the Academy life.

International Dance Competitions
Students of the Bolshoi Ballet Academy are frequent participants of international dance competitions:
— Yury Grigorovich International Competition «World Young Ballet» (Russia)
— Moscow International Ballet Competition (Russia)
— Competition of ballet dancers of Russia open for foreign dancers «Arabesque» (Perm, Russia)
— Premio Roma (Italy)
— International Ballet Competition «Orley» (Kazakhstan)
— International Festival-Competition «TanzOlimp» (Germany)
— International Ballet Competition – Varna (Bulgaria)

We firmly believe that participation in Ballet competitions is a launching pad, a platform giving the students experience, allowing them the opportunity to meet and work with their peers from other ballet schools in an exciting, emotional and intensive environment.



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